What is FyreSpark?

FyreSpark is a social media hub for video games. It's a platform that allows you to get all the information you need for any game in a single place. Currently we support Twitch, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube.

Who is developing this?

Hey there! My name is Matt. Like most gamers, I love looking up game related things and enjoy keeping up to date with updates, developer chit chat etc. I've always surfed all the social media websites daily but in the end, I found there are too many places for all the content I was interested in. So I thought, why not bring it all together and make life a bit easier ya know?

Plans for the site

Constantly improving existing integrations. My aim is to allow FyreSpark to be your one stop shop on the internet for anything game related. With longterm plans to allow user's to login (via oauth) with all the different services. It doesn't stop there though! Social media is just the start. I'm hoping down the road to maybe have Discord integration, a built in store for game related merchandise, and maybe even a community forum for each game and more!

Do you have an idea for the app? Please drop it in the suggestion box. Feedback is very much appreciated.


Free. I'm going to be working on this whether people are using it or not. Down the road I plan to monetize in a very unobtrusive way for extended premium features.

That being said; Donations are appreciated, as they help me pay for server costs and brain fuel .